Driven by sustainable goals.

About Us

We are one of India’s leading waste management companies providing various tailor-made services to corporate clients to manage pre-consumer and post-consumer waste through our inclusive EPR Program.

This is our story

About us

Wisebin is well-integrated waste management, recycling, and product manufacturing company. Founded in 2019 and headquartered in Bengaluru, Karnataka, we have quickly become one of South India’s prime waste management entities tying up with various corporate partners to manage large outputs of pre-consumer and post-consumer waste.

With the help of our Circular Economy model, we are able to generate high-quality products from recycled goods by converting waste into reusable raw materials. In this way, we are able to re-introduce non-biodegradable materials like plastic back into the production cycle to be reused for the manufacturing of finished goods.


To create awareness and introduce sustainable waste management practices for responsible disposal of harmful waste, for the betterment of society as a whole as well as others – individuals and communities alike.


To normalize the concept of circular economy in business in order to reduce waste generation and recycle accumulated waste materials to manufacture finished goods.

Wisebin’s Goal for Circular Economy

Sustainability by design is the avoidance of the depletion of natural resources and maintaining an ecological balance. Circular economy ensures that the material recycled from your facility makes its way back to you. Thus, closing the loop of discarded materials being directed to landfills. 

The Circular Economy model helps manufacturers and businesses maintain accountability for waste generated and provides them with a systematic method to upcycle the discarded materials which are a collective residue of the production and manufacturing process. The waste is accumulated and sourced to a waste management facility where it can be treated to create principal raw material.

Our Presence

Based in Bangalore, Wisebin operates in multiple cities across India; while looking forward to expanding its franchise network and building sustainable supply chain practices to reach Pan Indian audience. To achieve its vision of a sustainable future, the company has already collaborated with various brands across the country. We are majorly focused on the simplifying process of the supply chain; from collection to segregation and final raw material manufacturing. 

The main objective is to develop an effective & efficient system that takes care of the collection, segregation & transportation of waste material to the waste disposal facilities. Moreover, offer seamless service to customers through our application; a blockchain-based platform that tracks every aspect of the waste management value chain, which segregates between the types of waste picked up, the geographical location, the waste-picker who picked it, and the method of recycling as well.