Track and trace your waste


A blockchain-based platform that tracks every aspect of the waste management value chain, which segregates between the type of waste picked up, the geographical location, the waste-picker who picked it, and the method of recycling as well. The software enables us to keep consumer waste within the circular economy.


Collection & Segreggation

Reliable Data Collection. Immutable records during the collection of waste. Vendor Rating

Live Dashboard

Track social & Environmental Impacts Inventory Record Keeping


Transparency on waste upcycling Providing immutable proof to authorities on the use of recycled material

Recycling & Processing

Complete Transparency to brands on the final material

This is the waste Circular Economy loop the world is demanding to create.

However, there is an absence of evidence oriented tracking & tracing of waste through the Circular Economy loop. So, is the waste really going through the loop?

Introducing blockchain-enabled Technology! The only immutable waste management tool that connects every participant & closes the Circular Economy loop.

Every module Processor has its own live inventory management.

Helping you with governance

Our blockchain technology empowered platform has helped us offer seamless real-time updates on the various waste touchpoints to our internal teams, our buyers, regulatory authorities, and stakeholders involved. With an interactive tracking platform, we are able to generate summary reports comprising proof of material usage, the origin of the waste, and quantities generated and utilized in final packaging. This gives us an overview of the environmental benefits achieved through the use of specified materials. Ultimately, we are able to create a chain of custody proof that can be verified by regulatory authorities.

Tracking your social impact

A lot of our social impact stems from the way we conduct business, the people we work with, how we work with our communities & the people that work with us. Therefore, it is imperative for us, when tracking this impact, to use something that becomes an integral part of each touch point of our supply chain; something that would add value and not take away from the real work by doing too much and separate number crunching. Our model helps communities to incline more towards sustainable systems and contribute to a common goal for a better eco-friendly future.


Rating through profitability analysis

Going beyond real time material quality check, our facilities that carry out segregation are able to generate reports on segregation and successfully compute the profitability/loss we get from each truck/load of waste that is brought into our facilities.

Managing your Inventory

Tracking your stock at collection, recycling and processing has never been more personalized and easy with our inventory module made specifically for waste management.

Need help managing waste?

We provide integrated waste management and recycling services to various corporate clients across pan India and cater to their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) needs.