Commercial Waste Management​

WiseBin aims to achieve circularity in the waste management sector by allocating discarded materials to recycling hubs and generating reusable raw materials in the form of pellets. These materials are then repurposed to manufacture finished goods that we source back to our clients. This integrated process is inspired by the concept of Circular Economy.

To achieve our vision of a sustainable future, we have collaborated with various brands across Pan India to enroll in our EPR program which will help them meet the government’s compliance as well as manage the pre-consumer and post-consumer waste in a responsible and sustainable manner.

Collection and Treatment Process

In this way, we are able to re-introduce non-biodegradable materials like plastic
back into the production cycle to be reused for the manufacturing of finished

Need help managing waste?

We provide integrated waste management and recycling services to various corporate clients across pan India and cater to their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) needs.