Wisebin : Reduce-Reuse-Recycle

Benefits of Joining Us

We believe in implementing a collaborative business model to solve our client’s problems with respect to waste disposal and management. Our integrated solutions target the residential, commercial, and industrial hotspots where waste generation is frequent and in higher volumes. Thus, there are various benefits to collaborating with us which are –

1. One Point of Contact

WiseBin will be the point of contact between waste generators and the end consumers of the recycled raw material (manufacturer).

2. Logistics Partner

WiseBin will manage the logistics of waste management between waste generators and MRFs (Material Recovery Facility)

3. Waste Management Process

WiseBin will ensure the waste is segregated by the nature of the product's respective recycling process.

4. Accountability

Certificates and reports tracking the waste recycled, incinerated, and in some events landfill along with the carbon offset will be shared with the waste generated every month.

5. Circular Economy

WiseBin will share accounts for the total value of waste collected and for the same we will supply recycled products

6. Project Facilitation

Wisebin to facilitate all the aggregators & traders to recycle the waste

Need help managing waste?

We provide integrated waste management and recycling services to various corporate clients across pan India and cater to their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) needs.