Extended Producer's Responsibility​

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Extended Producer's Responsibility

What is EPR?

Extended Producers’ Responsibility, refers to the brand owner’s responsibility for the management of the disposal of Pre-Consumer and Post-Consumer Plastic Waste. The main objective is to develop an effective & efficient system that takes care of the collection, segregation & transportation of the waste material to the waste disposal facility which is approved by the CPCB (Central Pollution Control Board) and SPCB (State Pollution Control Board) where Wisebin expertise can assist you.

This initiative is introduced as mandatory compliance by the government to document and manage the amount of plastic waste being generated due to increased manufacturing and consumer culture which is creating inflated demand for various products. 

Rigid Plastics
Flexible Plastics
Multilayer Plastics
Compostable Bags

The Goal of EPR

Brand owners take account of the total plastic they have purchased in the last 2 years (2020- 21 and 2021- 22) under the 4 categories covered under Extended Producer Responsibility.

Importers share data on the average weight of all plastic packaging material and/or plastic packaging of imported products (category-wise) imported and sold in the last two financial years.

EPR Process

The Role of Wisebin

Wisebin will prepare Quarterly and Yearly reports in a format prescribed by CPCB which will be submitted by Brand Owner to CPCB.


Wisebin will handhold you through the process of registration and uploading all of your data to the EPR portal.


Wisebin aims to create circularity in EPR. We will help you create a sustainable way to collect your pre and post-consumer waste and process it with Wisebin.


At the end of every month, Wisebin will inform the SPCB about the collection and disposal done on behalf of the Brand Owner and provide SPCB acknowledged letter to Brand Owner.

About WiseBin

We are one of India's leading waste management companies providing various tailor-made services to corporate clients to manage pre-consumer and post-consumer waste through our inclusive EPR Program.

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