Driven by sustainable goals.

Our Products

We are one of India’s leading waste management companies providing various tailor-made services to corporate clients to manage pre-consumer and post-consumer waste through our inclusive EPR Program.

Our Products

When it comes to creating a sustainable future, we are pulling out all the stops with our versatile range of Recycled, Carbon Negative products made with a sustainable cause in mind. When you use our products, you are not only contributing to the environment by using recycled goods but also ensuring that more renewable resources are not being over-consumed in the manufacturing of these daily essentials.

Handmade Paper

This Carbon Negative product made from recycled paper pulp is not only a beautiful piece of stationery to write on but also a responsible step taken in the direction toward a sustainable future.

A4 Papers

Made from recycled paper pulp, this Reusable A4 paper is a huge leap towards a sustainable future and a very useful office stationery essential.

Shrink Wraps

These premium-quality recycled plastic Shrink Wraps are incredibly durable and find widescale applications in the industrial packaging sector. 


These dustbins are made from recycled waste and with the purpose of accumulating more waste to recycle. They can store up to 50 liters of waste or garbage are designed to be easily moved around facilities whether it be apartments, factories or offices.

Plastic Bales

These packaging baling strips are durable and can withstand high tension making them a feasible option for packaging of weight-intensive materials.


Our Yarn and Knitting threads are made from sustainably recycled fabric materials that are durable and of premium quality for clean finish. 

Carton Boxes

Made for widescale industrial applications, these carton boxes are durable and can withstand high tension making them a feasible option for packaging weight-intensive materials.

Compostable Bags

These Carbon Negative Plastic Bags are very useful for managing garbage and waste generated in industrial, commercial, and residential areas.