Community Waste Management​

Wisebin advocates for waste management not only with brands and corporate entities but also with local indigenous communities. These residential pockets are very underrated and neglected when considering the total volume of waste generated across a particular zone or city. As per national surveys, communities and households are responsible for roughly two-thirds of the waste generated that goes towards landfills and pollutes the environment. Wisebin will aim to curb this issue by collaborating with local representatives to bring out solutions and educate the public on how to segregate and manage waste in a manner where it can be recycled in a systematic manner.

Collection and Treatment Process

In this way, we are able to re-introduce non-biodegradable materials like plastic
back into the production cycle to be reused for the manufacturing of finished

Need help managing waste?

We provide integrated waste management and recycling services to various corporate clients across pan India and cater to their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) needs.